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Car navigation software

State-of-the-Art In-Car navigational system.

Displays route in 3D.

Screenshot of going around Flatiron Building in New York

Note: currently application is at planning stage ONLY.

Displays environment and current location in 3D.
3D Environment includes buildings, trees, bridges, freeways, lakes etc. We perceive world in 3D, let our navigation software be 3D too.
Displays current location with custom vehicle. In above screenshot it's a Mercedes, but can easily be replaced with your car model even color will match.
With power of whole PC behind GPS there is no need for 80's style buttons and other UI controls. All UI is fluid based on most recent UI frameworks from Microsoft Windows.
Displays route in 3D environment. Uses search power of Google to find business or address you need.

Software works best when it's always connected to internet.
With full internet connection you will get
Always up-to-date maps
Up to date 3D environment
Most recent satellite images
Most exact search, try that coffee shop that had just opened yesterday, it will be found with this system!

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